May 2011 Book Club

I love my book club! It is a great group of 12 women – combined we have 33 children! We all live in the same town and have very busy lives.  We have carved out one night a month to meet, eat, drink and discuss the monthly book.  The host is in charge of making dinner and picking the book for the next month. The previous months host brings dessert and the next months host brings the appetizers. It works perfectly! We all get to try each others cooking and share recipes.  If you have read my earlier posts you will know that I try to coerce the dessert maker to bring something chocolate!

Lets get to the book. For May we read The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer



A little side story – Two weeks before book club was to meet, I went to visit my grandmothers for the weekend and I left the book by mistake.  It was on loan from the library and had to be returned when my mother delivered it back to me. I had barely scratched the 600 pages and book club was a week away!  I had to get back on the list for another copy. Lets just say there are a few rules in our book club (Ahem.. I am the book club leader..) and you can NOT show up unless you have read the book. Well, what can I say??  I am a stickler for rules. Luckily, I got another copy and was able to speed read the rest of the book.It was unanimous – we all loved the book! It was a fun discussion and a very good choice. Thank you Colleen!  And for those of you interested, Colleen made a delicious ice cream pie for dessert – not 100% chocolate, but just enough!

book club check list Loved1

Other titles we have read and I have enjoyed:

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  1. Love this post, Ridgely! You “stickler for rules”, you. So funny! -Carrie

  2. Uh oh – sound like you had a renegade who didn’t follow the rules!! Sounds like a great group and I’m sure many other topics sneak in to your literary discussions!! I think your future book club posts should include a recipe for the dessert!!

  3. I swear I posted a comment yesterday! I didn’t say anything exciting; just that I’d not be allowed in your book club because I fail on the most basic rule.

    I don’t cook. At all. I leave it all to my husband who is better at it and quicker at it! Gone are the days of my 3 hours to make spaghetti bolognese!

  4. Excellent, a source for new book ideas!!!

  5. I want to be in your bookclub! It sounds amazing. Love the rules…all of them! Just became your newest follower!

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