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I love cooking, baking, eating and drinking.. so I thought I would tell you about some of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  Have you ever tried to get a teaspoon of capers out of that skinny jar and the measuring spoon just wouldn’t fit?  You end up spilling the capers all over your counter, right?!? Then you need these Narrow Measuring Spoons.  Salad Hands make tossing a salad a cinch. Lisa Duffy – yes, my fabulous cooking friend who you met in her Umbrellas and Teddy Bears post – gave these to me and I thank her every time I make a salad.  This Wine Plunger is the best invention. If you are like me, your husband only drinks beer, and you only have a glass or maybe two (ok, maybe three) at a sitting – then this gadget is for you.  Just put that grey rubber stopper into your unfinished bottle of wine and suck out the air with the plunger. I am a huge believer that it keeps my pinot grigio last longer. At $15 for the set – try it and see what you think.

 Kitchen Essentials | Ridgely's Radar

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  1. I have never truly measured capers… I eyeball and then add some more!

    I adore the wine plunger and use it all the time!

  2. Several of my favorites as well!! I actually own the narrow measuring spoon and the wine plunger (which I used last night) – both great inventions!! The salad hands are making me think I need to make an additional purchase for my kitchen since we eat so many salads in my house!!

  3. I’ve got to get that wine plunger! Thanks for the FYI.

  4. Can never have too many kitchen gadgets!
    xo Cathy

  5. LOVE that wine saver. Your home cocktail situation sounds suspiciously similar to mine…

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