Japanese Peppers

It is funny how you discover new things…I commute every day into New York City and know several other people who travel the exact same route as I do but, somehow we never run into each other in the city.  Until recently, when I started bumping into Mitchell at the Farmers Market in Union Square.  He is always buying japanese peppers and singing their praises!  I decided to find out more and followed him into the booth to buy some for myself.
At Mitchell’s suggestion, I bought a mix of both the Shishito and Pimiento de Padron peppers.
I put olive oil and sea salt in my pan and heated it up.
I added the peppers, as they cook, they pop and whistle.
Ready to serve!
Mitchell was right, they really are good.  Some are sweet and some have a hot spice to them.  You don’t know what you are getting when you bite into them.  A very easy appetizer and different appetizer.. give them a try!

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  1. great pictures!

  2. nice shots and…usefull tutorial:-)

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