Make it Personal!

 I think it is very thoughtful to give (and receive) a present that has been monogrammed.  With the weeks flying towards the holidays, there is no better time to start thinking about ordering your personalized presents.   I like to do my shopping online to avoid the impulse purchases, busy stores and carrying packages.  I found quite a few chic and special gift ideas for personalizing presents this season.

1. iPhone/ Blackberry case to order please contact Sincerely Susan  /  2. Lunch Bag/ Cooler   /  3. Stationery Set Teacher Gift  /  4. Personalized Dopp Kit  /  5. M&M’s  /  6. Canvas Tote & Small bags  /    7. Single Letter Notepads  /  8. Necklace  /  9. Yoga Mats  /  10. Monogram Pillow  /  11. Longchamp Custom Bags  /  12.  Nylon Thermal Party Tub  /  13. Chevron Stripe Personalized Stationery  /  14. Letter Belt Buckle available at the C. Wonder Stores  /  15. Mesh Bags  /  16. Custom Pet Mat

Note: be sure to check the “order by” deadlines so you do not miss out on a good thing!


The hardest part is choosing the font…Happy Shopping!

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  1. Pretty sure it would come as no surprise to you to learn that my fave are the m&ms! 🙂

  2. SO many great ideas – and even though I’m not a chocolate girls, I’ve gotta love the M&m’s for the color alone!!

  3. You have NO idea how helpful and fabulous this is!!!!! Thanks for getting me started on my Holiday shopping 🙂

  4. Great ideas, thank you. Just ordered the ‘teacher’ note cards.

  5. I am in love with the iphone cover!!! Going online shopping now :)……

  6. Once upon a time when I was in boarding school nearly everything I had was monogramed (helped a lot with socks and roommates 😉 )

    Perhaps the monograming was so engraved into my head that it is even in my blog name (PvdH hehe).

    You have such a lovely blog.

  7. I am dying for one of those fun iphone cases! I started designing one and had the hardest time choosing…too many great options!

  8. This is my kind of post! Always love a personalized gift and love giving them as well. Those chevron notepads and yoga mats will be on my gift giving list. And…got my sons the camo version of the pencil case – so cute!!

    xo Elizabeth

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