January 2012 Book Club

For our January book club, we picked Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal by Conor Grennan.  There were several reasons we picked this book, but the main reason was that the author was coming to speak at our local bookstore and we all wanted to see and hear him in person.  Most of us had already read the book and, those who had not, wanted to read it. As you can see in my September 2011 post, Giveaway- Little Princes, I loved the book and was so excited to meet Conor!
little princes
  As it turned out, only five of the group were able to make the engagement at Barrett Bookstore.  It is a wonderful, intimate and inviting shop that is a great spot to get real reviews and title suggestions.  I arrived shortly after several of our group and (of course!) they had reserved half of the front row for us!

If you do not believe me, this was my vantage point from the front row!  The book has just been released in paperback and there were many copies to buy.  Since the hardcover was published, an Afterward has been included in the paperback edition which details what has been going on with Next Generation Nepal, Conor’s organization that is discussed in the book.  Another reason to buy more copies and have them autographed!

Conor gave a very personal, funny and engaging talk.  His presence in person, is the exact same as the voice he writes with in his book.  He is a very good speaker and kept us all engaged with his every word.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the book, here is the synopsis I gave in my previous post:

It is an amazing true story about a man who decides to quit his job and travel around the world for a year.  He thinks that if he volunteers at an orphanage in Nepal for three months his journey will be justified to his family, friends and peers.  What he does not know is that he will find a new meaning in his life, be challenged beyond belief, loved unconditionally and build an unbelievable organization all because he volunteered at an orphanage in Nepal.  It is so much more than what I have just written, but I do not want to give it all away!

Conor was self deprecating and honest about his true reason for volunteering in Nepal and, in doing so, he impressed upon us the importance of finding your own volunteering passion.  We were able to have a lively Q & A session at the end of his talk. The intimate setting and Conor’s warm personality made it a very open and easy environment to speak up and be involved. The group asked very poignant and interesting questions but, what impressed me the most, was the poise and questions of the young girls in the audience. (I see book club members in the making!)  One very young girl asked how she could help and be involved.   Conor answered that the best way to help his, or any organization that particularly touches you, is to spread the word by sharing the story.  This is so true.  By purchasing one of Conor’s books, of which a percentage of the profits goes directly to his organization, you are putting money directly into the lives of real individuals who need it.  Baby steps that can lead to big strides down the road.

After the Q &A, Conor got down to the business of signing everyone’s books:
We even got a group shot of our book club with Conor!

For those of you who have been reading my blog, I am sure you would like to know what we did next for dinner.  We went around the corner to Phil’s Grill for drinks and an easy meal.  Wendy, January’s host, lucked out…all she had to do was make a reservation!  To top of a really fun evening, we shared two scrumptious desserts:  a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich and a peanut butter chocolate pie.

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  1. Such a wonderful night!!! Enjoyed every minute 🙂 For those that haven’t read the book – it’s a must-read!!!

  2. What fun!! Love that you all came out to support both Barrett’s and the author! Sounds like a great evening and believe it or not – I’ve never been to Phil’s!!

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