May 2012 Book Club

This month I hosted Book Club and earlier in the week I gave a little preview of my table in my post DIY Tablecloth via #Brimfield. It is always a fun night!
I got caught up in hosting that I missed taking a picture of Susan’s wonderful roast tomato appetizer on toasted rounds of bread for our appetizer.  I made roast chicken with potatoes lemon and asparagus.  It is the perfect one dish meal that goes in the oven before your guests arrive and is a snap to make.  It is a perfect Spring meal for a group!

To end the meal,  Claudia did not disappoint.  She brought an unbelievable chocolate cake.

I had to include this cute picture of Wendy hamming it up for the camera!

For May, we read The Lifeboat: A Novelby Charlotte Rogan.  The story takes place in 1914 where the main character, Grace Winter is standing trial for murder.  She was a passenger on a trans-Atlantic ship when it suffered an explosion and sunk.  Her husband thrust her into a lifeboat that was ill equipped, too small and poorly crafted for the number of survivors it carried.  While Grace survives, her husband and many others do not.  Leaving Grace and her fellow lifeboat occupants to fight for their lives in a state of hunger, thirst, beating sun, thunderstorms and no hope for rescue.  With little to no resources and too many occupants in the boat, some people must perish for others to live.

The Lifeboat: A Novelby Charlotte Rogan

You will want to read it to find out what Grace and the other inhabitants did for survival  Would you do as they did? Could you imagine making the decisions they had to make?  It is a very well written and intricately woven tale through Grace’s memory of each character, in their slowly depleting mental and physical state.  I felt the book started off slowly and picked up steam to where I could not put it down.  Here is my rating:

To purchase and see a synopsis visit Barnes & Noble

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  1. Loved our Book Club on Tuesday and WOW, I made it on the Blog!! 🙂

  2. I would read any ole book I was told to in order to gain entree into this chocolate cake book club 🙂

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