Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am always game to make a new chocolate chip cookie and I wanted to test out the photographic skills I learned from the on-line photography class I am taking.  So on Saturday I made soft chocolate chip cookies.  An easy recipe with a  small amount of dough that was easily distributed on two cookie sheets.  They looked really good but, they didn’t taste that good.  My husband and son were not impressed and agreed with me that they were dry and boring (yikes!)  In the end, I did get a few good pictures to make up for the cookies that went into the trash…


So today, I went back to baking and this time I made my big fat chocolate chip cookies.  They were just what we were looking for…a big, soft, melty chocolate chip cookie.  Definitely a departure from the regular thin, crisp ones I normally make, but a new cookie that I will add to my repertoire.  I changed up the recipe and used the semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate morsels that I had in my kitchen instead of the dark chocolate the recipe called for.  The cookies were really big and can certainly be made with a smaller scooper.  I had so much fun baking and taking pictures during the process, this time the cookies were delicious and the pictures needed to be fine tuned!

Photographs by Ridgely

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  1. Your photographs are terrific regardless of how the cookies turned out!

  2. WOW! TOTALLY agree with Henhurst – your photography is looking fabulous!! That class was worth every penny!

  3. Stellar photos Ridgely!
    and now craving chocolate chip cookies…..

  4. oh, they look delicious!!! your pics are great!! i’m happy that i’ve found your blog (on BYW) have a great day!! Ulli

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