Olive Oil Cake

My good friend Lisa is back sharing with us a new recipe.  Lisa was asked by her family to make an Olive Oil Cake for Father’s Day.  I got a chance to hang out with Lisa when she made it and take some pictures.  In her own words:

Every Father’s Day, I am the designated dessert person for our family dinner and over the last few years my family has decided to throw down the dessert gauntlet and challenge me.  First, my Dad asked me to recreate the Sour Cherry pies that his Mother made for him as a boy.  That took two Father’s Days to perfect…mission accomplished! Next, my brother-in-law’s challenged me to make Molten Chocolate Cakes (easy as pie, no pun intended.)  This year my sister and brother-in-law asked me to make an Olive Oil Cake.  They had been served this unusual dessert at a dinner party and raved about it.  I did some research and found several recipes.  Some were slightly more savory with herbs, but most had some sort of citrus and almonds like the recipe I chose from Cat Cora.  The batter had so much liquid in it that it was very unusual for a cake batter, it was almost sloshing out of the mixer!   If I make it again, I would cut back the oil to 9 or 10 ounces.  I couldn’t use lemon zest because my nephew is allergic to lemons but the consensus (between Ridgely and me) was that it definitly needed some zest and since there was already orange juice and orange liqueur, I chose orange zest.  I did everything else according to the recipe.  It took an additional 25 minutes to bake on top of the instructions.   The cake came out very brown on top and instead of garnishing it with whipped cream, ice cream or berries, I sprinkled confectioners sugar on top.  The cake had a very nice consistency, and although you can tell there is olive oil in it, it was not over powering or weird tasting as we thought might be the case.  The zest was absolutely necessary and evened out the flavors nicely.  My family all liked it, but it was not exactly my cup of tea, I prefer a little chocolate for dessert!  I would describe it as an Italian version of pound cake that would go very well with a cup of coffee.

The batter was very wet and we were worried how it would set during baking.

I placed the cake pan on a cookie sheet to alleviate any spills going into the oven and it made it easier to get out of the oven after it was finished baking.

It was a beautiful cake to look at and I placed it on a large round Italian platter that seemed in keeping with the theme of the cake.

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  1. ooo I LOVE Olive Oil Cake! So funny, I have a post about next week:) My recipe is different, this looks yummy! Must try.

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