Peaches and Blueberries

One of my favorite Summer treats is fresh peaches and blueberries that I buy every week, while in season, at the Union Square Greenmarket.  The market is open Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays from 8am to 6pm.  I make a point walk through it every week day it is open on my way to the office. At that time of the morning, there are many restaurant workers filling up carts and hand trucks, mothers pushing strollers, and people like me grabbing something on their way to work.


There are all kinds of vendors: Wine, candles, meat, fish, cheeses, syrups, jams, herbs, fresh and dried flowers, plants, breads, pretzels, fruit and vegetables.  One of favorite vendors for tomatoes and peaches is Kernan Farms.  They are only at the market on Wednesdays and always in the same spot on the West side of the market row between 15th and 16th Street off of Broadway.  I also get Martin’s Pretzels, delicious hand rolled crunchy pretzels, and then in the Fall the apple cider donuts are a family favorite.  There is a map, like the one below, of vendors available on-line for each day.
If you are a native New Yorker or just visiting the city, be sure to visit the market and enjoy the wonderful smells and local delicacies offered. Say “hi” if you see me there!
Photograph by Ridgely


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  1. YUM!! And I was about to comment that you have such beautiful flatware!!

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