Rocky Ledge Bars

One of my favorite treats are the Rocky Ledge Bars.  They are also one of the most requested “bars” in my family. Every bite is a combustion of flavors in your mouth…

Photographs by Ridgely

They are so easy to make and the perfect afternoon pick-me-up or sweet end to your meal.  I find that I need to share them with friends and family or I will eat them all myself!

Tip 1: Use parchment paper to line your baking dish and spray it with cooking spray

Tip 2: To spread the batter with the least amount of mess, I put cooking spray on a rectangle of Saran Wrap and use that to spread the batter evenly (I use this technique with rice crispies treats too!)

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  1. We’ll be whipping up a batch of these for the boys’ next crew regatta – a sure fire hit! Thanks for sharing and off to hit to gym so that we can have some, too. Hope you have a “sweet” week!
    C + C

  2. Just added all the ingredients to my shopping list – YUM!!!!

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