An Open Mind

I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter Series having read each book more than once, listened to the series on DVD several times and seen every movie!  So you can imagine, I have been eagerly awaiting J.K. Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy.  I have been watching the reviews come in on my twitter feed from all sorts of sources and I am trying to keep an open mind.  The best thing about twitter, if you are trying to not get all the details, is that not a lot can be said in 140 characters or less.  That said, I have seen snippets from disappointed readers and those who really enjoyed the book but, I have not read the synopsis or any of the reviews.  I plan on picking up my own copy and coming back here to tell you what I thought.  To be continued…

Click below to preview the book..

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  1. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on it!

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