Perfect for Sandy

I just finished The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.  It was one of the best books I have read and it would be perfect for anyone hunkering down during Hurricane Sandy.  It was recomended by my friend Katie (Thank you!) and I first downloaded a sample on my Kindle Keyboard 3G.  Once I read part of the first chapter in the sample, I immediately bought the book,  that was Wednesday afternoon and I finished it Friday.   It is a story about Hazel, a sixteen year old girl with incurable lung cancer.  She finished high school early and now takes college level classes, watches marathons of her favorite TV shows, reads books and rarely interacts with kids her own age.  Her parents wanting her to get out of the house, and meet other teenagers, get her involved in a Cancer Support Group for kids at a local church.   Hazel meets Augustus Waters a seventeen year old cancer survivor at one of the sessions.  Hazel and Augustus become inseparable, with the same intellect, humor and view of cancer, life and death they find something special within each other.  It is a tragic, engaging, funny and very deep story.

I could not put the book down, but I have a rule that I only read on my commute so that I do not end up staying up all night reading.  I have to tell you, I started crying half way through the book and on Friday when I was at 83% (Kindle owners will understand the percentage) I had large tears running down my face on the train.  My train seat mate actually took her earphones out to comment on my tears.  She  wanted to know what the book was because I was clearly loving it to be having such a reaction!  Oh my gosh, I was sobbing and mesmerized.  Unfortunately, the train arrived at my stop when I was at 97% of the book!  I broke my rules and when I crawled into bed that night, re-read the last two chapters and what I had not finished.  Clearly I loved the book:
I hope you are in a safe place and Sandy is not creating havoc in your life.

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  1. Hi Ridgely, This was the all-school assigned reading for my girls’ high school last summer so we have two copies – as soon as I finish Wolf Hall I will get started on it!
    All best,

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