When the Power Came Back…

How would you finish this sentence?  When the power came back on I______________.  For me, besides laundry and vacuuming, I baked!  Right before the hurricane my husband and I went out to get provisions and I found for the first time Nestle DARK Chocolate morsels.

I bought two bags and put them away in my baking bin until I could find a recipe that called out for them.  Then the power went out and I decided to organized the huge pile of recipes I had torn from magazines: putting them in clear sleeves and filing them in ring binders. While I was at it, I found the recipe for Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies which called for dark chocolate chips.  So, when the power came back on, I got my chance to use the chips! 
The recipe, from Cooking Light, is a paired down version of a classic.  At 96 calories a cookie and ingredients that include browned butter, whole wheat flour, semi-sweet and dark chocolate it is perfect for my lunch box or as an afternoon treat.
Photographs by Ridgely

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