Pistachio-Citrus Pound Cake

After a a season of Holiday meals and sweet, chocolate desserts, I wanted to have a fresh, solid cake to accompany my morning coffee (only on the weekends when I splurge!) and/or after a meal.  We were served this Pistachio-Citrus Pound Cake for dessert after a Indian meal in early November.  It was the perfect palate cleanser and finish to a spicy dinner.  I have been meaning to make it and now seemed like the perfect time.  It is a classic yummy pound cake infused with orange and lemon juices, and the grated zest of an orange, lemon and lime.  Folded into the batter and covering the top is chopped unsalted pistachios.  It is delicious and I particularly love the crunch and taste of the pistachios scattered among the cake.

Lemon Lime Orange
Pistachio Citrus Pound Cake
Cooks Note: I found that the batter overflowed a little bit when I baked it and made a mess on my oven floor, so I will not fill the loaf tin to the brim next time.  I would also make it as a simple pound cake, omitting the citrus and nuts.

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