Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

I have been lusting after Jennifer Fisher Jewelry charm necklaces for a very long time.  They seem to keep popping into my line of vision and I have many pages torn out of magazines of her pieces in my “wish list” folder.  I love the edgy style, cool charm options, and different metals to chose from.  I would love to build my own necklace and I know right off the bat I would chose: the bee, Ohm, evil eye, wishbone, large wing, eternity large circle, talon moon and I would want the Gothic letters, horoscopes, and special numbers. Then there are the personalized hearts, tags and discs….Uh Oh, this is sounding expensive and possibly too many charms for one necklace!  I could not stop at one image because, there are so many great ideas for mixing, matching, clustering and including different sizes, colors, shapes and texture (diamonds!) that have so much meaning. Pick the chain style and length that works best for you.  I am thinking (more like dreaming..) bigger links and a longer length for me…

Jennifer Fisher Necklaces
Jennifer Fisher Necklaces

Jennifer Fisher NecklacesJennifer Fisher Charms

Now do you understand why I am in love with these Jennifer Fisher necklaces?  I did not even tell you about her bracelets, rings and earrings, that is a whole other post!  Check them out, there are so many beautiful pieces in her collection.  For now, I think I will have to start small and go charm-by-charm…

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  1. Hi, I’ve been reading the weblog a couple of days and merely wanted to say that the way with words is top notch. All the best.

  2. Hello! I am loving these charms! They are fantastic!!

  3. Hey, love those adorable necklace very much. Especially these letter necklace. Thank you for sharing.

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