Coffee Time

I was reading Holly Becker’s blog decor8 recently and what she wrote resonated with me and made me think about what I am saying and doing here at Ridgely’s Radar.  I have taken two of her blogging classes and each one has made me re-think my approach, jogged my memory on good blogging practices and helping me tune my voice, design and direction.  I am going to put the part that struck a cord to me here, so you don’t have to hunt around for it.  Holly wrote:

 I love reading blogs where the reader takes you into her head and her work. I feel so bored lately when I just read blogs about products. I need to feel a part of something bigger than just shopping for products.   I know, I say this after posting my favorite etsy shops this week. Well, I do that because I want to support etsy sellers and promote them because I know so many struggle to keep their dreams alive. But still, I am not always posting products on decor8. I get bored by it. When it comes to blogs, I love to read about how to make things, what people are REALLY thinking and the inspiring places where others hang out, etc.”

I felt like Holly was speaking to me and I heard her voice clearly (having listened to her podcasts and read her lessons, she writes as she speaks.)  I totally agree with her.  My favorite daily reads are the ones where the author shares, among her posts, personal stories and insights of her life, work and family.  Where am I going with this lengthy diatribe?  Turns out, according to the survey, some of you want that from me.  For me to add a few more personal tidbits… so, do not be surprised if I start over sharing! LOL!  Anyway – I just shared a little insight into my thinking and it wasn’t too personal.. I hope it was a good start!  Talking about the survey, Congratulations to Julia S. for winning the Amazon Gift Card!  Thank you all for participating and sharing your thoughts.

Now lets get back to Coffee Time, here is what caught my eye this week:

1. I made the pancakes I talked about last week and I used Gluten Free flour.  They were delicious!  I swapped out the 7 Tablespoons of All Purpose Flour for Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour.   I would have never known they were Gluten Free.  Give them a try with or without the change I made!

plate & pitcher Juliska

2.  This Beauty Sourcing Guide is a great resource and I ear marked it for future purchases.

3.  I bought this cosmetic case to corral my bulky necklaces, cords and other gear when I am traveling.

4. When I saw Marisa Tomei’s hair in Parental Guidance I was smitten.  She looked fresh, young and totally current! According to this article, and the number of gals in my office who have cut off their locks, I am not alone in loving this new look.  I have tried a short bob and without a lot of work it was a frizzy mess!   The problem is my hair, while thick, is curly, frizzy and coarse.  I do not think I could have a clean, thick, smooth look without a trice weekly visit to Dry Bar!  If it won’t work for me, maybe it will work for you??
Marisa Tomei | Parental Guidance
5. When I first saw the below picture, I thought they were rolls of tape, but they are handmade porcelain bangles.  Aren’t they gorgeous?  They would work for my inner 70’s gal.  I found them here via
Bangles | Erin Lightfoot
Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow!
unless noted, photographs by Ridgely

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