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This week I got inspired, when I read  Love Letter to her Mama, to make gluten free popovers for breakfast.  I am getting more and more comfortable substituting gluten free flour for all purpose flour.  Just look how amazing they turned out!

Popovers, Gluten Free (1) | Ridgely's Radar

I used this  6-Cup Popover Pan but the recipe would also work in the 12- Cup Mini Popover Pan.  Next time I want to make the mini ones!  I slit the side, popped a little butter inside and tossed it about.  Then opened it up and slathered raspberry jam on each bite.  It brought back memories of hiking to The Jordan Pond House and enjoying fresh lemonade and popovers as our reward.  They were delicious and did not need the butter or jam, but it was all about the memories for me!  Here’s the recipe.

Popovers, Gluten Free (2) | Ridgely's Radar

I wish I had a popover right now with my big cup of coffee as I look at the week that has been and what caught my eye:

1. I may need to invest in some cookie stencils to make these divine looking cookies, have you seen anything so beautiful and I am sure they taste amazing, there is nothing better than peanut butter and chocolate!

2. I took a little spin through West Elm and fell in love many, many things.  I wish I needed outdoor furniture because I can totally see myself sitting back in this chair with my feet on the matching ottoman.

Heron Chair and ottoman
and if I did not want to be so match-matchy, I might add in this mosaic tiled coffee table.
Mosaic Tile Table

3.  I was doing a little catch-up on my blog reading and fell into this post. Thanks to the Mrs., I want the winter white with blue tassel and a big ‘R’ on the charm!

Cinco Powell Tote

4. Coincidentally, while I was about the web, I found these sandals.  When I added them here, I realized that they would look fabulous with the tote.  How did that happen?  I promise that was not planned, but clearly I have white and tan on the mind..

Paige Sandals Elizabeth & James
5. Lastly, and the best part of the week, Wendy and I finally went to the Aire Ancient Baths! We went from the warm pool to the hottest pool to a 50 degree dunk that took our breath away.  Ok, truth be told, Wendy jumped into the cold pool and, when I saw them put loaf sized ice cubes in the bath,  I could barely get in up to my waist! We floated in a salt bath that had hand rails so we would not bump into each other.  We sat in the steam room breathing in eucalyptus and got a muscle rub from the jet pool.  We did the whole circuit a second time and this time I did get my entire body, head and all, under water in the cold pool.  It stung when we got back into the hot pool, but it felt great! We ended all of that with a 45 minute massage.  It was relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time, and I know we will be going back!
Aire Ancient Baths
Have a great weekend!
unless indicated, photographs by Ridgely

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