May 2013 Book Club

We read the best book for May and it is perfect for a rainy long weekend cuddled up on the couch.  It is one of the few times everyone came to the meeting and I think it was due in part to the book, we all wanted to talk about it!  The night was steamy and the perfect kick-off to Summer.  Funnily enough and not intentionally, we all made light, refreshing things to eat.  Christine made a Mediterranean dip accompanied with pita chips and for dinner Wendy’s grilled citrus chicken rice bowl was served room temperature and with a big green salad.  I was in charge of dessert and brought meringue nests (recipe and how-to) with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and dark chocolate sauce.  A light and delicious dinner to usher in the warm weather!

Kick-Off Summer Book Club

Now lets get to the book, for May we read: Me Before You: A Novel by Jojo Moyes.  The story is centered around Louisa (Lou) Clark, a small town, regular gal who has recently lost her long time job at the local coffee shop.  She lives with her family and dates a guy who is obsessed with working out.  The only available job at the local employment office is a caregiver to a quadriplegic.  Lou, who has no bedside manner or experience in the field, gets the job and starts to take care of Will Traynor.  Will was a globe trotting, adventure seeker and successful business man before the accident and is now sullen, miserable  and not who easy to work with.  Lou charges forth in her colorful clothing and quick tongue.  What she does not realize is how much this job and man will change her life forever. It is a must read and at least four tissues worthy!

Happy Reading!

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