My Favorite New Gadget

For Christmas, my parents gave us a set of pepper and salt mills.  Not just any run of the mill, no pun intended, pepper and salt mills but battery powered, light up ones from Cole & Mason.  It has been a long standing joke in my house that we do not have any fresh pepper, while my parents seem to have the latest and greatest pepper mills that produce the best fresh pepper.  I am not sure how it started, but somehow all the pepper grinders I have are not worthy of my children.  Luckily, the joke has been put to bed because we are now the proud owners of the coolest grinders.  They are especially useful because they have a  LED light in the base that turns on when you press down the button so you can see how much spice you are using…perfect for candlelight!  There is also a setting to change the coarseness of the spice when it is ground.  I actually did not realize there could be so many great features in a mill and what we had been missing. Thank you Mom and Dad – we love our very useful new gadgets!

Cole & Mason Hampstead Electric Salt and Pepper Mills

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  1. The perfect combination – chic and practical!

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