I Smell Trouble..

I am really excited, and maybe a bit worried, because Diptyque opened a small shop in Grand Central a few weeks ago.  I have already been in twice and I have a feeling, I will be in many more times during their stay in the Station.  My wallet will be smaller but my house will smell delicious!  I remember first discovering Diptyque while in Paris with Harper’s Bazaar (years and years ago!!) when we were shooting looks from the Couture Shows.  This was before they were sold everywhere and it was such a treat! I brought home one candle like it was a rare flower and burned it only on special occasions.  On another trip, my husband joined me and we walked all the way to the tiny shop at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain.  I loved how they tapped the candles out of the glass container onto a velvet cushion and gave you the glass jar to smell the fragrance.  The scents were so pure, fresh and really smelled like the ingredients.  We smelled every single candle and picked several favorites.  I think that first trip we came home with six candles; 2 each of Gardenia, Jasmine and Freesia.  It was the beginning of a special tradition, whenever we visited Paris, of walking to the shop and bringing home as many candles as we could carry. On one of those trips they had expanded to fragrances and I started wearing ‘Olene’ Eau de Toilette.  For me, the scents are not only delicious but, when I smell them, they remind me of so many wonderful trips and occasions.  With the new shop, I can stock up with one candle at a time tucked into my tote on the way home.  If you have not smelled them, you must give them a try!

Diptyque Candles Perfume  | Ridgely's Radar
to buy: Diptyque

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  1. Oh no!! So dangerous!! The fig is my favorite but I also love the solid perfume – a wonderful gift as well!!

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