My Hair Care Routine

I started using the Ken Paves You are Beautiful line of products about two months ago and really like how my hair looks and feels when I use them.  I have thick, curly, frizzy, dry hair and need something that will tame the mess! I wash my hair two, maybe three, times a week and usually before I go to bed, that way I get all the hard work of drying out of the way and my morning routine is much faster (see this post about how I keep my hair between washings). After shanpooing, conditionaer and then towel drying my hair, I spray on the Detangling Thermal Protectant because I get the worst tangles and the product also protects my hair from the hot dryer.  I use a wide tooth comb and carefully get the snags out. I use one pump of the Repair & Nourish Shine Serum and massage it through my hair from where my ponytail would start to the ends.  I blow dry my hair in sections, starting in the back using my Rusk Speed Dryer with the nozzle (not pictured) and my must have roll brush (post here).  I finish with a spray of the Dry Shampoo to add height and texture to the roots.  If my ends feel fuzzy and dry I will treat them with a little more of the serum. To keep my hair fresh between washings , I do not brush my hair, but use my fingers or wide comb and the hair dryer to pump up the volume. I either add more dry shampoo or serum depending on what it looks like and I always wear a shower cap when I take a shower.
Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Nourish & Hydrate | Ridgely's Radar

Ken Paves You Are Beautiful (1) | Ridgely's Radar

Hair Tools | Ridgely's Radar

Ken Paves You Are Beautiful Dry Shampoo | Ridgely's Radar

Viola!  Here is the final product, it’s not perfect, but if you saw a before picture you might be more impressed..

My hair after using Ken Paves You Are Beautiful products | Ridgely's Radar
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photographs by Ridgely and Hunter

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