I am always trying new sunscreens and looking for a brand that I can put on after I shower in the morning and wear to work during the sleeveless day of Summer, not to mention for when I am hanging around outside on the weekends.  Which means I don’t want it too thick, sticky or to smell like a vacation. I feel like I keep hearing about Supergoop! and am wondering what all the hype is about.  I want to give their products a test drive, particularly to see how they smell and feel on my skin.  What grabbed my attention was their SPF hand cream and pump bottles that make it easy to lube up. Anyone use SuperGoop!  and if so, what are your thoughts? Or, knowing my sensitive skin and picky nose, do you have a fabulous alternative?




to buy: Supergoop!  Continuous Mist  /  Hand Cream  /  Everyday Sunscreeen

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  1. Suzy seymour says:

    We have been using Super goop for years! Love it!

  2. The only sunscreen I will ever use is SkinCeuticals! Well, for my face, that is. It looks like makeup, goes on totally smooth and no residue, and even husband will wear it as it is the only one, anywhere, that doesn’t sting eyes if you rub them! Our dermatologist recommends this brand above all others!

  3. jennifer rasmussen says:

    I love the Supergoop! city sunscreen serum spf 30 and the big pump for the body.
    I have dry sensitive skin. Worth a try!

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