May 2015 Book Club

I am back with my monthly Book Club report and review of what we read.  For those new to the blog, we rotate hosting and the hostess chooses the next book we read.  It is a great way to mix up the types of books we read as we all have different interests.  For May we read What She Left Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman.  The book is about a seventeen year old girl named Izzy Stone.  Izzy is currently living with a foster family as her Mother, 10 years preciously, shot and killed her Father and is serving life in prison.  Izzy, with no other family to care for her,  has bounce among different foster families up to this point.  Her current family work at a local museum and are working on cataloging the contents of a now shuttered local state asylum.


What She Left Behind | Ellen Marie Wiseman


Izzy goes with her foster parents to help them go through luggage and files belonging to past patients of the asylum.  In a trunk they find the contents belonged to Clara Cartwright and after seeing her picture and reading her journal Izzy becomes fascinated with her story.  The novel takes us back to Clara as an eighteen year old in 1929 and what leads her to the asylum. The unraveling of Clara’s story weighs on Izzy and her own relationship with her mother.  It is a really interesting story and one we have not explored. The book group had mixed reviews, some people loved it and others liked it, no strong opinions either way, but it was a good discussion and certainly good to break out of our normal genre.  I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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