Move over Claw Clip

I love the claw clip, it grabs, holds and can add volume to my crown, but it seems a tad.. how do I say it.. casual?? I am wondering if I can move over, or rather back, to a barrette.  Is seems more polished, at least from the back view than a claw clip, certainly a cleaner, flatter look.  What do you think?  Are barrettes making a come back??

Eye Opener Barette | Mrs. President & Co.


Mrs. President & Co. Barrettes | Nordstrom

to buy: Mrs. President ‘eye opener’ BarretteMrs. President & Co. Barrettes

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  1. Courtney says:

    Great barrette! I have super-fine hair and barrettes always hold the best(and I love their
    clean and simple look), but I agree I like the volume of other hair-holding solutions. I bought a number of Ficcare ‘Maximas’ Hair Clips in gold at Bigalows a few years ago and LOVE them. They hold the hair really well, and look polished. I have them in every size!

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