Catalog Shopping

Having spent the last few weekends getting our backyard in Summer mode, I really do enjoy flipping through the Plow & Hearth Catalog to see what might make my chores easier and more efficient.  I can’t say weeding is my favorite activity, but I really do enjoy looking around my weed free beds and enjoying the fruits and flowers of my efforts. I found several things that I am hoping for and I may have to indulge in the Dream Chair Suspended Lounger with Umbrella so when all the work is done, I can sit back with a cold beverage, a good book and, maybe, take a nap..



to buy: Resin Auto-wind Hose Reel  /  Lightweight Carry-All Garden Cleanup bag  /  Little Burro Garden Wheelbarrow Accessory  /  Happy Roller Propane Tank Carrier  / Dream Chair Suspended Lounger with Umbrella



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