Investment Piece(s)

I have spent the last few days huddled in my raincoat, as we experienced lots of wet weather in the Northeast.  I will say the best investment I have made was a really good looking trench coat… well actually, two really good looking trench coats! One in tan and one in black.  I did not buy them at the same time, but they both get equal attention.  I like having the two color options and, while I know it is a luxury, I have been able to spread out their initial cost over many years.  They look as good as new, almost better because they have a lived in feeling and look about them.   I also invested in a rain hat… ok.. ok ..two rain hats.. one tan and one black.  I admit I have a problem but when it comes to being prepared for the elements I like to have an arsenal at my disposal.  Did I mention my frizzy hair?  If I am outside in the spritzing rain for very long I will have a very bad hair day.  So when the forecast says rain, I throw my rain hat in my tote and I am ready for whatever weather comes my way.    My advice is to take the plunge and buy the trench(es)..


top Burberry London Kensington Long Trench Coat  /  bottom Burberry London Sandringham Long Slim Trench  /  rain hats

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  1. Hi Ridgely!
    Have you found “the perfect” white tee shirt for summer? I’m looking for both long and short sleeve which are not see through.


    • Ridgely says:

      Hi Susan – Yes, I love a good white tee! I will get a post up for you. Thank you for the suggestion. Ridgely


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