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I have spent my whole life biting my nails and have only just recently stopped.  It was not easy to stop and I am now scared to go a week without nail polish in case I go back to my old habits.  As I am new to having a full set of digits to polish, I normally go for a very neutral, almost clear, shade of polish but on a few recent occasions I have opted for a more bold color choice.  I either get sick of the color or it chips and as a recovering nail biter I have to remove it as soon as I get the urge to pick.  Luckily I was given a packet of The Stripper to Go nail remover finger mitts from a friend.  It is genius!  It comes in a  small pouch that fits in your everyday and/or travel beauty bag.  It is easy to use and effortlessly wipes off all your nail polish with none of the mess. This is one of my new beauty must haves!  I am a new devotee of the Turn Back Time Nail Treatment that is a perfect buff color that can be worn as is. I like how it takes care of my nails and covers up my less than perfect nails.  When I do use a color I like the Addicted to Speed Ultra Quick Dry Topcoat.  It really works and as someone who hates sitting watching her nails dry .. this is another good find!  What is  your favorite nail saver?

Nail Savers | Deborah Lippman  | Ridgely's Radar

Deborah Lippman The Stripper to Go  /  Turn Back Time Nail Treatment  /  Addicted to Speed Ultra Quick Dry Topcoat

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