The Travel Wrap

One of my most loved and used accessories is my White + Warren Travel Wrap. I carry it with me almost everyday in the warmer months to ward off the air conditioning on the train and I always have it in my carry-on for plane rides.  I wear it as a scarf, wrap, blanket and sometimes use it as a pillow.  It is warm, soft, and chic all at once.  I can’t tell you how soft and yummy it is- I think the close up picture can give you an idea. Mine is a sand color that is really useful but now I am thinking about a soft pastel…

The Travel Wrap (1) | White + Warren

The Travel Wrap (3) | White + Warren

The Travel Wrap (4) | White + Warren

The Travel Wrap (5) | White + Warren

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  1. I love this: look, color and concept! Perfect for travel, any time of year. Have you seen these:
    I’ve yet to buy one, but they too look wonderful. The one big problem is color!!!!

    • Ridgely says:

      Hi Libby -No, I haven.t seen those ponchos.. although they look a bit similar to the cashmere topper I posted about awhile ago.. except they look heavier. Really nice! I agree. the hard part is always which color to chose… Thanks for sharing the source!


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