Not Just for Running…

For some time now, I have been seeing running sneakers being worn for everyday wear and I am just now catching on to the trend and thinking about stepping out in a pair myself. My first running sneaker, for running, walking and any sport I did, was a New Balance and they were up until about a year ago when I switched to ASICS.  Now I am seeing one of my favorite styles the 696 has made a comeback.  I like the colors and how they look with jeans for a casual day around town and not just for working out. What do you think??  Should we get on this trend??

New Balance Sneakers |

to buy: New Balance Sneakers

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  1. Well….I have trouble with this one! My compromise has been a pair of Nike slip ons. They don’t feel so much like clunky running sneakers; I bought them in indigo with pink; easy to slip on and off; and a bit lighter weight. Still….I’m just not crazy about the look, comfy as it may be!

  2. carolyn says:

    Ridgely, You can make anything look good! Me, not so much! – Although I do wear running shoes with jeans sometimes, they are not this cute!

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