Base Layers

I am on the hunt for some really basic but nice looking layers to wear under sweaters and jackets. I like to have different neckline options and a longer length.  The first one below is a really nice crew neck and the second one has a higher neckline in the back which I really like for layering.  The third option is a true tank with a scoop neck in the front and back.  I wear mainly white but they come in so many good colors you can find the best neutral for your skin color and it is always good to have a few options in black.


Nic+Zoe 'Perfect Layer' Tank | Nordstrom

Nic+Zoe 'Perfect' Scoop Tank | Nordstrom

Nic+Zoe 'Perfect Tank | Nordstrom

top: Nic+Zoe ‘Perfect Layer’ Tank  / middle: Nic+Zoe ‘Perfect’ Scoop Tank  (in Black) has a higher neckline in the back  / bottom: Nic+Zoe ‘Perfect Tank

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