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Help!! Our down comforter is flat as a pancake and has lost its lofty, fluffy, and warm personality.  I was amazed to see that we got in in February of 2007.  Yes, I labeled our comforter so I would know when I bought it and then see how long it lasted.  I would say seven and a half years is pretty good, considering we use it every single night.  This Summer it started to fade, but it was perfect as a light weight comforter.  This weekend it was the first sign of cold weather and I realized it was not going to cut it in the months to come. I did a huge search for ‘the best down comforters’ on the internet and it was interesting to see what ranked highest based on price, down loft, easy of washing, and shrinking when washing.  Many sights praise the L.L. Bean baffle-box stick down comforter, but when I went to L.L. Bean to see their reviews, many people loved the comforter but said the fabric made a lot of noise.  Noise?  I guess the fabric crinkles loudly. Hmm.. now what?


The next favorite comforter was The Company Store Alberta baffled down comforter. This time the reviewers complained that it lost so many feathers it was no longer a down comforter. Uh Oh.  My search extended further to the next best comforter, the Pacific Coast Platinum down comforter from Costco. All their reviewers were very happy for the price and the quality for that price.  Some people thought the feathers came out or settled at one corner.  I could go on and on, but that would too much information even for me to digest.

I am tempted to try L.L. Bean and see how noisy it can be, but am thinking that since our current comforter is from The Company Store, and it has lasted a very long time, I should take a look around at their other offerings and see what might have better reviews.

Do you sleep with a down comforter?  If so, what brand do you have and has it been a good purchase?  I would really appreciate hearing from you….




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  1. We had to buy a last minute comforter, and went to IKEA. I actually have loved what we purchased. Our previous one from company store was a feather stabbing expert!!!

    • That is so interesting! Someone else mentioned going to Ikea for their daughters college linens and comforter. I might have to make a run up there next weekend and check them out. Thank you so much!!

  2. The White Company!

  3. I highly recommend a Cuddledown comforter. We’ve had one for a few years; it is still in great shape and the feathers are evenly distributed. A great feature of the company’s down comforters is that you can select the fill weight based on the temperature you like to keep your room at night and what your body temperature does at rest. There is a section on the website to guide you. Our’s went on the bed this weekend!

  4. My boys both got new ones last year. Because they’re boys and rough with everything, I found something at bed bath and beyond. They turned out to be really nice without breaking the bank. I’m in dire need to replace mine / interesting to read about IKEA because I replaced all of our down pillows from there last spring. Really inexpensive and they are wonderful!! I believe the one on my bed also came from the Company store and I’d guess it’s at least 10 years old!

  5. We have 2 from Company Store (still love!) and 1 from Cuddledown that is on the kid’s bed. It is awesome and I am swiping it to our bed for the winter x

  6. okay, this is synchronicity, just bought a new one this weekend! Our 20-year-old comforter was pathetic—all the down was on one side…

  7. I get mine at Bloomingdales…they have a great selection and if you go during friends and family or during a “white sale” you can get them for a great price.

  8. Mary helen Mcdonough says:

    I bought two twin comforters from Ikea for my daughters room and they have been the best purchase ever! We live in Georgia so I bought the lightest comforter they make but it still it very full and warm for our climate!

  9. Make sure you ask where the down is from…there are some nasty sources!


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