I am always on the quest to organize some corner of my house. I am one of those people who have clean piles around and am mostly neat.  Every now and then, I get in a frenzy and have to go through my closet, drawers, and anyplace that seems to have gotten out-of-control. I knew that I had to read  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and that I would be trying everything that she wrote. When I finally read it, I couldn’t wait to tackle my drawers and closet. Marie Kondo, the author, gives very simple rules for organizing. The first task is to take everything, and she means everything of one category, and pile them in the middle of one room. She suggests starting with clothes and from there break it down into smaller categories. Once you pile all the clothes you have from every room and hiding hole in your house, you pick one category to sort first.  I started with shirts. You pick up every single item int that category and give it your attention. Does it bring you joy?  Did it ever bring you joy?  Did it give you joy just when you bought it or when you were given it?  It might have given you joy at one point, but if it is not really your taste or it never really fit, it is time to thank it for what joy it gave you and give it away. Give it to a friend, sell it, donate it or throw it out.  Get it out of your life.  It sounds really weird to speak to your clothes, books, and clutter, but there is something really cathartic about releasing the items that are taking up space in your house, life and mind.



My one suggestion would be to read the book cover to cover and, before you get started, assemble some very useful tools to make the process easier.

    1. Shoe boxes – you will need lots of shoe boxes to put in your drawers to hold your larger clothes; sports bras, t-shirts, gym pants, leggings, pajamas etc..
    2. Clear plastic dividers – these are perfect for small items, sunglasses, underwear, bras and socks. I bought several of these Drawer Organizers
    3. Large Bags or boxes – use these to put items you want to Donate, Give Away, Sell or Throw out.

organized drawers are Life-Changing | Ridgely's Radar


After doing my closets (yes, I have closets of clothes) and drawers, I ended up with about 15 large black garbage bags of things that no longer brought me joy.  I never looked back, I do not miss anything I put in those bags. What has happened, just as Marie Kondo said it would, it opened up space in my life.  I know, you think I am crazy, but it is so true.  I didn’t know it, but all that stuff was making my life and mind cluttered.  I am so much happier!

organized drawers are Life-Changing | Ridgely's Radar

organized drawers are Life-Changing | Ridgely's Radar

My favorite all time life-changing moment came when I started folding my clothes into the shoe boxes.  They all stand up and I can see everything I have. I only kept my favorite items and they all fit perfectly into the space.  If I want something new, something will have to go.  Turns out I have a lot of striped, white and navy t-shirts!  At least I am consistent!  It has made getting dressed each morning easier and putting laundry away is a snap.  So not only have I cleaned out my drawers, I no longer have piles of clean laundry sitting around looking for a home.  And I can’t leave you without mentioning my sock drawer.  OMG, I have never in my life felt so tidy!  This is life-changing!

organized drawers are Life-Changing | Ridgely's Radar

organized drawers are Life-Changing | Ridgely's Radar

Go get the book,The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, and change your life!


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  1. Your pictures are inspiring- now I just need to read the book, and more importantly, do it!!

  2. I just did this a few weeks ago, cleaned out everything and felt like a NEW PERSON afterward. I still need to do the same in the other areas of my life, outside of my fashion interests. But seriously, it still gives me a level of joy to walk into my closet and I always feel like I have something to wear now! Great post, stay inspired! xoxo, Robin from THE INSPIRED (


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