What do I Bring to a Super Bowl Party?

Every year I think, what do I bring to a Super Bowl party?  I am usually in the city working for Fashion Week and can’t make something, so I end up buying something on the fly.  This year, I am buying everything from Mouth, a really cool website dedicated to food made by people, not companies, in small batches. They call it Indie Food – Indie food is not only delicious, but must be created from start to finish with a high level of personal attention, craft and passion. This is my kind of food!





And don’t miss their Valentine’s Selections , the Indie Oscars or their partnership with Feed.  There is a whole section called Snackology 101 aka carepackages.. now that is a brilliant idea!

For all those times you are at a loss of what to send or bring, Mouth will have just the batch you are looking for  and wait until you see their packaging.. you know I am a sucker for packaging!!!


FEED + MOUTH Big Heart | Mouth.com
Shop Mouth.com, the ultimate destination for Sunday Night Football snacks! Use code SCORE15 for 15% off your order!


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