What are the Best Everyday Towels?

I took a nice long soak in the bath tonight and, while I was enjoying the peace and quiet, I started to look at our towels hanging in front of me on our warming rack (yes, we have one of those and it is the most fabulous invention.) Our towels are old (as in as long as we have lived in our house old) and they have lost there fluffy, luxurious look and feel. They do the job of absorbing the water, but even that is becoming a chore for them. I think their next job is going to be in the rag bin, but before that can happen, we need some replacement towels.  That is where I need your help, what are the best everyday towels?  Keep in mind, I have a husband and two teenage sons who will be using these new towels.  We need large, absorbent, soft and durable towels, that look good, come in colors other than white, with the option to be monogrammed and, preferable, do not cost a fortune. I know, it is a tall order but I am not sure where to go… Help!

Ridgely Brode asks her followers to help her find the best  everyday towels on her blog Ridgely's Radar

To buy: Charisma Regent Bath Towels

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Buy the charisma towels at Costco ($6.99/bath towel) and have them monogrammed locally.

  2. restoration hardware when they go on sale

  3. Towel advisor says:

    Hello and thank you for your blog, which I really enjoy. The Macy’s hotel collection are really soft and fluffy. I like white but I think they come in other colors as well. The only downside is they don’t offer monogramming, but there are places that will monogram COM. I’m going to watch this post as I need to buy a bunch of beach and house towels for a new place, but I’ll probably stick with the nice Macy’s ones!

  4. For me, the best towels come from Restoration Hardware. They are thick, soft, absorbent, and last FOREVER!

  5. Ditto on RH – they can be pricey but do go on sale. They last forever. Color options are magnificent.


    I like the bamboo cotton towels from Company Store. Especially when they are on sale. The bath sheet is too large but the others are fantastic and monogram really nicely.

    • Ridgely says:

      Thank you Wendy- I hadn’t thought of The Company Store.. I am going to check them out. xx Ridgely

  7. RH are the best….amazing colors and last forever…

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