Does Spray-On Nail Polish Work?

I was a nail biter, a really bad nail biter for most of my life. A few years ago, I decided I was too old to be hiding my hands or some of my really badly bitten fingers in public, so I stopped biting my nails.  I went for a manicure every single week, sometimes twice a week.  I cant believe it, but I now have long nails.  I still go weekly for manicures and it is the only way that I make sure I do not revert back to my bad habit.  I have tried to paint my own nails but, I haven’t had the yeas of practice as most gals, so I am pretty bad when I get to my right hand.  I just discovered Spray Can Nail Polish and am wondering, does Spray-On Nail Polish work?   It might be just what I need when I am on vacation or cant get my fix and need to do my own nails.  Let me know what you think.. Yay or Nay?

Spray-On Nail Polish | Nails Inc.

Spray Can Nail Polish



to buy: Spray Can Nail Polish

to buy: Spray Can Nail Polish



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  1. Paula B says:

    I’m interested to hear what people say about this. I think a manicure is so much more than just polish so I’d have to think it would only be good in a pinch, like on a vacation!

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