Dresses Make My Mornings Easier

I have a love/ hate with separates and prefer to wear dresses, mainly because they make my mornings much easier.  Since I commute to work, my mornings are a choreographed program, one slip up and it will throw off my timing. On the days I want to wear pants, and the rare time a skirt, I can stand in my closet looking for a top to pair with them for what seems like forever…tick tock…there goes my program.   If I throw on a dress, I add shoes and accessories… Zip Zip.. I am out of my closet and might even have a little extra time on my hands. Which means I always check out the dress selections first. I was surprised to find that on a recent internet stroll through Banana Republic they have a slew of dresses that caught my eye.  I pulled 10 to show you here, but take a click over to their site to see the other colors, styles and patterns.

Dresses Make My Mornings Easier | Ridgely's RadarDresses Make My Mornings Easier | Ridgely's Radarto buy: Banana Republic

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