What You Need for a Perfect Nights Sleep

I love nothing better than a really good nights sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. I rely on a few key items to create a relaxing and comfortable oasis in our bedroom at home and when we travel.  Besides a soft and luxurious pair of pj’s, I have been loving my Slip Silk Pillowcase, it is the best! I have two; a white one for home and a pink one to take with me when I travel so it doesn’t get left behind in a bed full of white linens.  My husband and I have become addicted to our sound machine, it is wonderful at drowning out all the household noises (two sons, two dogs and a cat) and makes for a peaceful, restful evening. On a recent hotel stay, I was awaken at 3am by hotel guests coming back from a wedding downstairs… they stood outside of our room chatting for what seemed like forever!  I told my husband that from now on we need to pack the sound machine. Did you see those great under Pillow Speakers? What a great idea!  If you need help creating your own retreat, check out this round up for making a beautiful guest room, if you would treat your guests, why not yourself?


What You Need for a Perfect Nights Sleep | Ridgely's Radar

to buy: 1. Sleepy Jones PJ’s  /  2. Slip Silk Pillowcase  /  3. Slip Silk Eye Mask  /  4. Sound Oasis Travel System  / 5. Sound Oasis Pillow Speakers  /  6. Olivia von Halle nightshirt  /  7. Olivia von Halle Nightdress  /  8. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray



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