June 2016 Book Club and the Year of Yes

I started out 2016 with the intention of making this blog something bigger and better.  I decided for my fifth year anniversary it was time to turn a hobby into a business that would generate income. Over the past five years, I found my voice and a passion for blogging, writing and sharing content but many of my days were spent with no clear plan in place. One of my biggest challenges is finding the time to blog (did I mention I have a full time day job?) and then when I find the time, I have to really concentrate on not getting distracted by a million other things I want to do for the blog.  One of the many first steps I have decided to take to elevate Ridgely’s Radar and, in turn, myself, was to get engaged with my community and I needed to look up and get out from behind my computer. But, that takes time said my inner conscience, and where do you think you are going to find the time to do that?

Which leads me to the actual point of this post, why I chose the Year of Yes : How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person for our June Book Club. I had heard great snippets of reviews of Shonda Rhimes’ book and the title screamed at me to find out more.  Ms. Rhimes takes a good hard look at her life and realizes that while she is owning Thursday Night Television with her amazing writing talent, she is not leaving the comfort of her home or accepting any social engagements outside of her family / work zone.  Sounds crazy … right?? Such a talented woman with so much to offer, regrets invitations to major celebrity events!  OMG!  Who wouldn’t want to go to those type of events?  But deep down I get it.  I have spent the better part of 25+ years being a publicist.  A publicist is a behind the scenes job, we make our clients shine and they are the ones we push into the limelight.  Why do you think we wear all black?  It is so we disappear and blend into the surroundings while our clients wear something that gets noticed and highlights their skills. It goes against everything I have done in my professional career to be out in front promoting myself and my blog!


Reading the Year of Yes : How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person made me realize why I need take the time to step out, meet my readers and network with other bloggers. I read how Shonda (I have to call her by her first name, I feel like I held her hand and walked with her through her book) said Yes for the first time and it was to an event at the White House!  A pretty big first Yes and it was hard, really hard, but with each new Yes she got better at it and she realized she was having fun.

I captured many quotes from her book, but the one that really resonated with me was this:

“It is time to stop standing at the edge of rooms. Hugging the walls. Living in my head. Wishing I had something to say. If there’s one thing I learned from all of Chris’s Sisyphean pushing and all of this saying Yes it’s that if I don’t poke my head out of my shell and show people who I am, all anyone will ever think I am is a shell.”

While I started 2016 with a new perspective and was on my way to creating my own Year of Yes, it was given a bigger push by reading this book. I find myself referring back to passages I grabbed snapshots of on my phone and that when I opened myself up to being more active in the blogging community, I started to get invited to join groups and make new connections.  I think they were always there in the background, I just didn’t take the time to notice them…

I give the  Year of Yes : How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person five out of five stars. If you pick up a copy, please come back and share what you thought, I would love to hear from you!



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  1. Ridgely,

    This book is on my read list and I appreciate your recommendation and words of wisdom! Have an awesome holiday!

    Forever Chic!


  2. Thanks for this, Ridgely. I am looking for an inspiring book right now. This might be the one. : ) Congratulations on 5 years. Keep going! Xx Robin

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