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Have you started to see little lines creep up on your face?  Those horrible 11’s or V’s between your eyes or those little bunny lines on your nose?  How about those creases on your jaw that my sister calls “party hat” lines because they are just where the rubber strap of those paper party hats lie…reminding us that every year our face is following gravity.  I have seen them all and I am not too happy about it. My other challenge has been to find a skincare line that is conducive to sensitive skin.

I was introduced to Scalisi Skincare when I went to an informational event to meet Jill Scalisi, the founder and creator, of the eponymous line.  I was able to learn about its amazing science and have a facial to test them out.  Yes, that is me below!   I decided to take a two month challenge and exclusively use just their product line to see if their results really do what they say. I am about one month into using the products and think my skin looks really well, it feels tighter and the wrinkles do not seem as pronounced.

Scalisi Skincare | Ridgely's Radar

For me, it is all about how it feels and smells.

I have the most sensitive skin and nose, so if the product makes my skin uncomfortable or the smell bothers me I won’t use it.  Scalisi Skincare does not contain retinol and is perfect for almost all skin types and especially sensitive ones like mine.  Each of the products smells clean and has a soft, silky consistency, including the SPF which I find in some brands to smell and feel the worst.

And now for the Results

In less than two months (56 days) of use, the following results were seen in independent evaluations:

  • 45% visible reduction in the appearance of surface wrinkles
  • 37% reduction in the amount of visible wrinkles
  • Nearly 20% visible reduction in the average wrinkle size
  • 15% visible reduction wrinkle depth
  • Almost 15% visible reduction in skin roughness
  • More than 15% visible lift
  • Same results as retinol – without the side effects!

Now that I have given you way more information you want to know and more than I normally put in a blog post, I will be back in another month to share my final experience..

Scalisi Skincare | Ridgely's Radar

Scalisi Skincare Advanced Wrinkle Cream| Ridgely's Radar

Scalisi Skincare Eye Cream | Ridgely's Radar

Scalisi Skincare Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 | Ridgely's Radar

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  1. I am really interested in trying this because it does not contain retinol which I don’t think agrees with my skin. I’ll be looking for your follow-up post to see what you think after a month but will order one of the creams to try. Thanks for the introduction!

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