It is Time for New Sheets

Our bedroom is blue and white and we have all white bedding with accents of blue.  We rotate our bed linens from week to week and they have really held up, but a few are getting a little worn out and it is time for new sheets. I am saving up for this Varana French Blue Linen Duvet, it is calling my name.  I love anything in seersucker and this white large scale is just perfect for the Summer. As if I didn’t need more ideas, I also want everything I posted about here.  Decisions, decisions.. It is a big investment and they last for a very long time so I want to make sure we love when I get..  What is are your favorite sheets?  I would love to know.

New Sheets from Pine Cone Hill | Ridgely's Radar

Top:Varana French Blue Linen Duvet  Middle: Parker White Duvet Cover   bottom: Trio French Blue

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  1. I often buy the Hotel sheets from the department store (not sure of the brand). I have a set of Barbara Barry sheets that I love. For summer, I use a linen sheet from as a blanket over the top sheet. I am thinking of trying sheets from Parachute Home. Can you tell I love linen?

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