Lake Pajamas

I am always on the hunt for cute, comfortable pajamas.  Of late, I have been mixing and matching regular old t-shirts with pajama bottoms, not the most chic look going but, they do the trick.  A friend introduced me to Lake Pajamas, a company that produces full sets!  Whoohoo!  They have gorgeous pima cotton  pajamas that are in the prettiest patterns (lots of stripes – My favorite!) with piping.. yes.. piping.  Be still my heart! I can’t wait to give them a try and throw out my unmatched sets….

Lake Pajamas | Ridgely's Radar

to buy: Lake Pajamas

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  1. Those are so cute! And I missed the one about the Yummie by Heather Thomson slip!! Thank you, Ridgely!!

    • Julie- I love my Yummie by Heather Thomson slips! I wear them all the time. Thank you for stopping by the blog! Xx Ridgely

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