LED Dog Collars and Leashes

We have two medium sized Havanese dogs, Bailey and Jax, who we like to take for walks after dinner up and down the neighborhood streets. Our street, and many around us, do not have overhead street lamps and the only lights come from the houses, many of whom may not be on. As the days get shorter, and it is dark when we go out now, we can not see Bailey, who has black fur, at the end of the leash.  Jax is blonde and he is much easier to see but, he can disappear under a bush if we don’t keep a watch of our leads.  I found a few years ago some great options for lighted collars and leashes, plus some other safety ideas that I posted about here for walking dogs at night.  The ones I bought way back when have finally given out and it is time to replace them and when I went looking, I came across these LED collars and leashes that look like just what we need to keep an eye on or dogs. I am excited to give them a go!


to buy: Squeaker LED Collars  /  LED Harness / Squeaker LED Leashes


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