Look-alikes: Square Sunglasses

I have worn my Oakley’s sunglasses so much that they are now totally scratched and the cushions on the temples have worn out. I want to buy another pair and probably will, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to take a look around to see what my options are.  I found 6 other very similar looking pairs all at different price points.  I like the Oakley’s because they don’t slip down my nose or off my face if I am running or doing yard work, they don’t snag my hair if I toss them up on top of my head and they have really dark lenses.  All of which makes me realize that I will have to give the other options a try to see if they offer the same features and look well on my face..


Look-alikes: Square Sunglasses | Ridgely's Radar

to buy: 1. Vince Camuto Oversized Sunglasses  /  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses  /  3. Bobbi Brown ‘The Harper’ Sunglasses   /  4. Oakley ‘Overtime’ Polarized  /  5. Kate Spade New York Sunglasses  /  6. Maui Jim ‘Kalena’ Polarized Sunglasses  /  7. Gucci Swarovski Crystals Sunglasses

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  1. I would go with the Oakley’s sunglasses; functional and stylish. Otherwise, go with the Maui Jim’s, I had a pair and they were fantastic. Unfortunately, I sat on them, sigh.

    • I think you are right Claire – go with what I already know and love! My husband swears by his Maui Jim’s and I have thought about switching to them. What a bummer – nothing is worse when you sit on them or drop them or scratch them! UGH! xx Ridgely


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