I spy the Letter “R”

I spied these big alphabet rings and think they are so cool! Wouldn’t you love to wear a special letter on your fingers?  I, of course, would get the “R”.  I am also dying over the very large cuffed chambray shirt.  How chic is that?  I saw it a while ago on Instagram and then tracked it down to its owner.  I imagine it would be quite annoying to wear while working at the computer all day long but, they have a buttonhole closure for a pair of cuff links.  The hard part would be finding the perfect cuff links to look right with the over sized cuff! #fashionproblems

Chloé Alphabet gold-plated rings

Chloé Alphabet gold-plated rings

to buy: Chloé Alphabet gold-plated rings   / Anna Quan Shirt

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