Book Review: The Woman In Cabin 10

A few months ago, I picked The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware as one of my monthly books from Book of the Month club.  It is similar to her novel in a Dark, Dark Wood, where the setting is a huge part of the story line, in this case the story takes place on a very small luxury cruise ship. Just hearing that and knowing the previous books premise, it wasn’t hard to realize that Lo, the main character, will get in major trouble on a boat in the middle of nowhere. While I liked the book and I wanted to find out what happened, I found some of the plot lines did not tie up the way I would have liked and I found myself skimming and flipping ahead as it got a little boring and repetitive in the middle.  Was it as chilling and terrorizing as Gone Girl, no, but there were moments of greatness and, I will admit, I really did want to find out “who done it”. I wouldn’t put it on my best ever list, but it was a good read.  I would be curious to hear what you think.. so please leave a comment.

A Review: The Woman in Cabin 10 | Ridgely's Radar

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  1. I read “in a dark, dark wood” and “The Woman in Cabin 10”. I did not like Lo, the main character, and I found it hard to believe that she could function – even marginally – day to day with the amount of drinking and pill popping. The book zipped along early on, but the plot took a turn into unbelievable territory. I skimmed through a lot of the book because while I still wanted to find out what happened, my attention was lost because I found so much of it preposterous, even for a thriller.

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