The Best way to Motivate for the Gym is New Clothes

I just finished a 30 day program and lost 8 pounds!  I think the best way for me to keep the pounds off is to work out regularly, which means getting some new gym clothes to get me motivated. I am a serial dieter and my weight yo-yo’s back and forth.  I have tried them all, and besides Weight Watchers my next favorite plan was just that, The Plan. I have been doing that on and off (mainly off) for two years.  I had a tiny set back from Thanksgiving weekend and went up a pound and a half. My goal now is to lose a few more of those pesky pounds and then keep them off, giving me a little wiggle room to go up and then down again.  Besides keeping to my new program,  I am going get serious about making my exercise a priority (remember this post on Sweat with Kayla?  I am still trying to do it regularly).  I just have to get through the Holiday season and stay vigilant at the task at hand. I have heard if you do something for 66 days (How did they come up with that number?) it becomes a habit.  Clearly, I haven’t stuck to anything that long to become part of my daily life… until, hopefully, now. I am going to take advantage of Athleta‘s  20% off (through 11/29 at 2:59am) to get a few things to keep me on track…  This could get expensive….

To keep off the weight she lost, Ridgely Brode is looking to keep motivated by buying new gym clothes

to buy:


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