Fresh Ideas for Gifts Under $25

I get asked over and over for gift ideas that are $25 and under.  I love a challenge and looking for items that give a lot of bang for the price.  There are some tried and true items that are always safe if you are going to a gift exchange and not sure who will end up with your present.  For those types of events, I suggest going with something safe like this hat, these fingerless gloves,  this golden fruit candle or a beauty gift set.  It is always much easier to shop for close friends but, that can be daunting when you are limited to a set price.  Below are a dozen ideas to get you thinking and shopping!


Here are a dozen gift ideas for $25 and under that will work for your closets friends and/or a gift exchange

to buy: Halogen Skinny Scarf (also in black, red and burgundy)  /  2. BP. Pompom Beanie  /  3. Fragments Coiled Hinged Cuff  /  4. Burberry Beauty Shimmer Dust Gold  /  5. Mio Skincare Natural Dry Body Brush  /  6. Home Essential Candle Shade  /  7. Talking Tables Charades Dipsticks Game  /  8. Berry Elephant Ring Holder  / 9. Franchi Leather Keyfob  /  10. S’well Water Bottle  /  11. Caslon Knit Fingerless Gloves  /  12. Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook


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  1. I love the skinny scarf, I hope Santa remembers!! I have a S’well water bottle, which I love. Cooking for Jeffery is a wonderful and smart cookbook. I am a big Ina Fan–in my fantasy life, she is my next door neighbor. I have made several dishes and plan to use this cookbook exclusively this year. I am getting my sister the fingerless gloves as a small gift–we give small, medium and large gifts.(size, not $$$) These are great gifts to give and to have for yourself. Good Choices.

    • Hi Beth – It is wonderful to see your comments! I have the skinny scarf in black and LOVE it! I never know if I reply on the blog people get my response – So will post and send here to you in your inbox. I have a S’well bottle on my list and HOPE the boys in my house finally hear me and it arrives! I too wish Ina was my next door neighbor – she really has the best recipes and we have this latest cookbook – so many really good things to make in it. Have a very Merry Christmas and I so appreciate your comments and you following along xx Ridgely

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