25 Things That Make Up My Clothing Personality

I have been on a roll!  Besides cleaning and organizing my desk, I got a little extra energy and went through my whole bureau (after my initial PURGE HERE) and it still looks pretty much like those pictures – LESS a ton of things I never wore and my husband (Yes – he helped!  He was watching a movie and would look up whenever I had a question of fit, style, etc.)  and I agreed were not really me.. Lots of bad stripes that didn’t work with my chest!
I have a little confession to make, I am getting ready to have Alison Bruhn, an amazing Style Consultant, come to my house to help me with my closet!  EEEK!  It is so exciting to have someone I trust help me look objectively at everything I have and see what needs to go and what I am missing.  I am hoping she can narrow down what looks well on my figure and for my lifestyle.  I feel I have a good sense of style and know what I like, but I think we can all use a little edit and tweaking from time to time. No?  I can’t wait to share her visit with you and give you a peak into my closet.. the good, the bad, and hopefully, not too much ugly.  I decided to make a list of 25 things that make up my clothing personality to help her get to really know my likes and dislikes.  It is a really fun exercise and you might like to do it too.. if you do, please share it in the comments.  I would love to get to know you better too!  Well here goes.. I hope this doesn’t scare you Alison!
Ridgely Brode makes a list of 25 things that make up her clothing personality and shares them on her blog Ridgely's Radar

25 things and what they say about my clothing personality

1.  I hate red – ok that is extreme – I do not gravitate to it and only have one red top for July 4th – with one exception, red shoes are a must (see No. 6) and I keep trying on red dresses to then put them back on the rack.. Maybe you can change my mimd??

2. I love all things blue, but am seeing some pink start to trickle into my wardrobe.

3. I have a ton of black pants from Theory that I bought probably 10 -20 years ago and can’t seem to get rid of..but probably should.

4. I have, maybe, 2-3 skirts – I really have a problem matching a top to a skirt and got rid of every skirt I wasn’t wearing. The ones I have are just so I can say I own a skirt.  I am not wearing any of them.

5. I have a lot of dresses – and not necessarily are they all right for me – but they are the only way for me to get out the door and feel put together.

6. I try to keep all my dresses to go with black shoes or a fun colored or metallic shoe ( I love so many here)

7. I do not buy Brown – Camel Yes – Brown No

8. I have a bohemian side..

9. I wear classic, simple lines..No frills, No ruffles (like this and this)

10. I wear white ribbed Old Navy Tanks under my jackets

11. I only have White, Navy, Grey T-shirts (these short sleeve and these long sleeve)- only 3 have words on them

12. I wear flats because I walk to and from the office (and have a ton of heels underneath my desk but only change into them for meetings)

13. I LOVE colored and embellished high heeled shoes – I wear these at night and to parties. (See No. 6 and below for some of my favorites)

14. I wear mainly solid but love a good print (especially in the Summer)

15. I will buy a party dress to “save” for the next big invitation. Nothing is worse than trying to find a dress for an event and you can’t!

16.  Blazers take up a big portion of my closet.  My favorite are these from Veronica Beard

17. I have very few sweater.. Hence this post on sweaters..

18. I also have a lot of coats, but in the Winter seem to wear the same one very single day (I have one similar to this one) and still want to buy one of these

19. No turtlenecks… I do not like how they feel on my neck

20. I have a lot of scarves / wraps (the best is this one!) and I never leave home without one because I don’t like being cold around my neck and shoulders (see No.19)

21. I like big chunky necklaces

22. I wear al kinds of earrings, but I stick to mainly small earrings, or large gold hoops for the office.

23. I do not wear bracelets during the day because I am at a computer all day long and do not like the clink/clang of the noise.

24. I have a thing for stripes

25. I like finding vintage dresses.. I gravitate to the  ladylike classic and bright fun loving mod styles.

Ridgely Brode makes a list of 25 things that make up her clothing personality and shares them on her blog Ridgely's Radar

Click through for more of my favorite things:

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  1. Shayla From says:

    Hello Ridgely,
    I LOVE your blog & have suggested it to many friends who also enjoy it!
    You might want to check out Dressing Your Truth with Carol Tuttle. You can access online. She has developed a very successful concept of style based on your facial features and personality. It first it might seem a little out there, but it is spot on! I am 59 and have been doing it for 2 years. Both my daughter-in-laws (32 & 27 years) do it. Also, several friends have done it. It is amazing! It simplifies your wardrobe & you feel so comfortable in everything you wear. It might be worth a try!

    • Hi Shayla – I love the sound of Dressing Your Truth – I will check it out. Sounds like it is really helpful and such an interesting concept! Thank you for following and sharing the blog – I appreciate hearing from you and getting a new concept to try out! xxRidgely

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