I have it on Good Authority These are the Best Workout Pants!

I put on a pair of workout pants yesterday, they were tight (ugh! and not because of me – I have lost a bunch of weight – so what is that all about?), scratchy and the stretch was non-existent.  I will not tell you the brand but I was unhappy, uncomfortable and it made my workout horrible.  Know the feeling?  Isn’t it the worst?  I swear having comfortable, stretch worthy and good looking gear is imperative to my fitness.  A very good friend swears by the new Powervita from Athleta and I am ready to jump in with both feet! Bye Bye old tired pants.. Hello Powervita!

There really is nothing worse than uncomfortable workout pants, so Ridgely Brode finds new favorites on her blog Ridgely's Radar

to buy: Powervita from Athleta

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  1. I am with you here! I refuse to be uncomfortable while practicing yoga.

  2. I subscribed after our mutual friend Kelly Corroon told me we had a lot in common. Loving your blog so far! And will definitely try these pants next time I am in the Athleta store.

    • Hi Lindley- Thank you for letting me know! Love Kelly she’s such a great support! Welcome and I appreciate the comment. XxRidgely

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