Loving Gucci…from Afar

I am loving all things Gucci right now!  OMG..  I think the double G’s are so chic and I love how they look with jeans to dresses. It doesn’t help that every blogger I follow is sporting them everywhere I look.  So I will continue to love them from afar and one of these days I may have one for myself..


Ever love something but can't have it? Ridgely Brode is in that same boat as she shares the Gucci's she is loving from afar on her blog Ridgely's Radar.

top to bottom: Marmont Belt  /  Marmont Handbag  /  Marmont Fringe Flat  /  Marmont Pump

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  1. My husband accompanied me into the Gucci store last week and nearly had a stroke. Then we went to Burberry and it seemed reasonable. I still walked away empty-handed.

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